Three reasons, two chances and one special occasion for visiting Zaporizhzhia Book Toloka

The main literary and artistic event in the South-Eastern Ukraine welcomes everybody who loves reading and arts. This year, Zaporizhzhia Book Toloka will be held for the third time – from 27 to 29 October at the exhibition center “Kozak Palace”. There will be three days of the non-stop Festival, over 200 events, inspiring literary meetings and a creative open space. And we are looking forward to sharing the Festival joy with you.

Three reasons for Zaporizhzhia residents

Choose a bookish gift. A dozen publishing houses present their products at the large ZBT Book Fair. Here you will find the best Ukrainian books for children, modern Ukrainian fiction and the translations, specialized educational, historical, and technical literature. Toloka will help you to supplement your bookcase with either desirable books or volumes useful in work and in education. And, of course, this is a great opportunity to treat your friends and relatives with bookish gifts.

Meet here famous authors and artists. From year to year, in October, Zaporizhzhia becomes a meeting place for writers and opinion journalists, playwrights and illustrators, and many other talented people who create the modern Ukrainian book. The Festival format provides live communication with guests during the author’s presentations, public lectures, workshops, discussions, performances, or even just over coffee in space of ZBT.

Re-imagine your hometown. The most noticeable thing that we’ve achieved with the Festival is the three-day atmosphere of inspiration and co-creation. Zaporizhzhia Book Toloka helps to see another Zaporizhzhia – bright, dynamic, joyful, full of creative and educational events for children, youth, and adults. And to ensure residents and visitors of Zaporizhzhia to see the city like this, we need you.

Two chances for guests

Visit the autumn Khortytsia. Zaporizhzhia is a city of furious energy. To feel its true rhythm and understand its amazing luck, you need to visit the Khortytsia Island in Zaporizhzhia. To listen to local myths and fairy tales, learn the legends of the Cossack ships, and look at the majestic Dniprohes from here. Indeed, Khortytsia is worth visiting at any time of the year, but in October, the local nature is full of special intimate beauty.

Feel Zaporizhzhia sincerity. Zaporizhzhia Book Toloka is famous among the visitors and participants for its sincerity and openness. In the space of the Festival there is no division between us and them. Everybody is equally important – authors, publishers, readers, and volunteers. All the major Festival events take place under the hospitable roof of the exhibition center “Kozak Palace”. This enables convenient moving from one location to another. Also, for the comfort of exhibitors and visitors, there are recreational areas, creative spaces, mobile cafes.

One special occasion for the true book lovers

Get involved in the whirlpool of the Festival events. If you want to be engaged in the co-creation of the largest cultural events in Zaporizhzhia and ready to plunge into the atmosphere of ZBT, welcome to the Festival volunteer team! We cannot promise you the worldwide fame but instead, we guarantee something more – rewarding experience, interesting meetings, friendly atmosphere and the great joy of engagement!

Current events

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