What we offer
  • placing the logo of your media on the Festival promo and printed production;
  • placing the logo and banners of your media on the www.toloka.net;
  • placing the logo of your media on the press-wall banner during the Festival 2017;
  • placing your information banners on the Festival location;
  • the right to special formats and content of exclusive interviews;
  • participation in after-party events, together with the Festival’s guests and participants.
What we need
  • sharing announcements of the Festival with your information resources and social media;
  • publicity for our representatives and participants with the thematic programs and projects of your media;
  • interviews with representatives and participants of the Festival;
  • placing announcements and banners of the Festival on the web-site of your media;
  • raising public awareness on Zaporizhzhia Book Toloka, its events and results, as well as the topical social issues discussed there, during the Festival and after it.

Zaporizhzhia Book Toloka is a creative and intellectual space with more than 200 events over 3 days for people of all ages and cultural tastes. These are meetings with authors, presentations and public discussions about resonant book projects, round tables, lectures and workshops, screenings of documentaries, art and photo expositions, theater and musical performances, as well as social projects.

The main activities of the Festival are heil in the exhibition center “Kozak Palace”. Moreover, various events of public interest take place within Zaporizhzhia Book Toloka over the year, in Zaporizhzhia and other cities.

The leading Ukrainian and foreign writers, publishers, academics, artists, cultural managers participate in the Festival activities. Due to its eventful program, Zaporizhzhia Book Toloka is interesting to the readers all across Ukraine and provides a number of newsmakers. That’s why, we offer you to the mutually beneficial informational cooperation.

How do we cooperate?

Information partnership is possible within the programs and content categories of your media, as well as in the form of special publications and media projects that will be interesting to you and your audience. To ensure the productive cooperation, we offer your media to sign an agreement. This will guarantee for you to get the desirable content, and for us to attract more exhibitors and visitors.

When can we start?

We are ready to cooperate with you right now. The organizational work for Zaporozhzhia Book Toloka 2017 has been started, and we already have some interesting news topics and discussion issues.

What is the first step?

If you are interested in the informational partnership, welcome to contact us at +38 066 339 1544 (Inna Stashchuk) or info@toloka.net, then we will meet and discuss future our joint activities.

Time Left Until the Festival 2017: