Figures and Facts


  • Zaporizhzhia Book Toloka provides more than 200 events over 3 days for people of all ages and cultural tastes: meetings with authors, presentations and public discussions about resonant book projects, round tables, lectures and workshops, screenings of documentaries, art and photo expositions, theater and musical performances, as well as social projects.
  • In 2016, over 9700 residents of Zaporizhzhia and visitors from other cities took part in the Festival activities. For reference, in 2015 this figure was about 7000.
  • More than 1500 children visited the family space Knyholissia within ZBT-2016. Children from rural areas of Zaporizhzhia region, families of IDPs and care homes were among them.
  • Over the 300 publications about the Festival and its events appeared in regional and national media, following Zaporizhzhia Book Toloka – 2016.
  • For two straight years, more than 200 persons joined the festival as a volunteer team – mainly students of local universities and colleges as well as young specialists, volunteer journalists, members of Zaporizhzhia cultural institutions, e.g. libraries, and NGOs.
  • In 2016, The Best Book of Zaporizhzhia Book Toloka Award was launched. More than 50 books of different publishing houses were rewarded as honorees and prize winners.
  • The Almanac of ZBT is an annual edition which is published on the results of the Festival literary competition. In 2016, the focus theme of the Almanac was Ways of Understanding, and it consisted of creative works by authors who had to move from occupied Donetsk and Luhansk regions after In 2015, the Almanac was devoted to Zaporizhzhia in Time and Space – here the best poems and short stories by young authors were published along with the works of famous Ukrainian writers.


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