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The main literary event of the South-Eastern Ukraine attracts publishers, writers, artists, cultural managers from across the country and brings together thousands of people who feel the need of Ukrainian book and are interested in modern culture.

The main theme of the Festival is Between the Lines. This time we’d like to put an emphasis on issues which are either not disclosed or even used to be concealed. We will offer to see through details and reveal
the Ever-lasting in the Ever-changing. However, Between the Lines is more than a focus idea or key message
of the Festival. This is our joint aspiration to observe wider and feel – arts and literature, as well as the past, present and future – deeper. And we welcome you to inquire and seek eagerly, look for and look through,
read and feel – between the lines – together with us. 


#Transition tour of Oleksandr Mykhed starts in Zaporizhzhia

After participating in the Book Arsenal events in Kyiv, the writer Oleksandr Mykhed starts his #Transition tour round twelve...
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The nominee of Shevchenko National Prize will visit Zaporizhzhia

Oleg Shynkarenko who is the nominee of the Taras Shevchenko Prize will visit Zaporizhzhia with the presentation of his new books. The...
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Pavlo Volvach presented his new novel in Zaporizhzhia

Yet another meeting of Zaporizhzhia Book Toloka occured as one of the most remarkable and long-awaited. Not incidentally, as it was...
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Pavlo Korobchuk talks on love, war and wisdom

Zaporizhia Book Toloka goes on with the new literary season. On Tuesday, February 21, the poet Pavlo Korobchuk presents his new...
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Oksana Kutsenko presents a book of senses in Zaporizhzhia

Memories, archetypes, and true stories, visions of the invisible essence of the surrounding world, which opens at a time when we are...
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Homeless: My House is Ukraine. The social project of Zaporizhzhia Book Toloka

The social project "Homeless: My House is Ukraine" held within Zaporizhzhia Book Toloka drew attention to the real causes and...
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Zaporizhzhia Eventive: Zaporizhzhia Book Toloka

Over 200 festivals are held in Zaporizhzhia annually. And we are glad that Zaporizhzhia Book Toloka is one of the highlights of our...
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Enjoy the atmosphere of Zaporizhzhia Book Toloka

Before the Festival 2017 starts, let's remember Zaporizhzhia Book Toloka 2016. Much thanks to Good Feeling Production (Zaporizhzhia)...
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Neophyte’s Dreams in Zaporizhzhia (video in Russian)

Following the meeting with Pavlo Volvach, the video report by TV5 Channel (Zaporizhzhia).
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The story worth of the whole apple orchard (video in Russian)

As part of Zaporizhzhia Book Toloka, the meeting with the youung writer from Chernivtsi, Maxym Dupeshko, was held in the Regional...
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Oksana Zabuzhko visited Zaporizhzhia with her new book (video in Ukrainian)

On October 26, Oksana Zabuzhko, the Ukrainian writer and opinion leader, visited Zaporizhzhia where she participated in the official...
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The Old Lion Publishing made a gift to Zaporizhzhia readers

Th Old Lion Publishing, which received The Best Book of Zaporizhzhia Book Toloka Award 2016, donated the money reward to supplement...
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More than 50 books were among the Best Book of ZBT Award nominees

The Best Book of Zaporizhzhia Book Toloka Award was launched within the Festival-2016. More than 50 books of different Ukrainian...
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Oksana Zabuzhko: Toloka is a new star on the map of cultural events in Ukraine

Zaporizhzhia Book Toloka summarized the 2nd Festival and arranged yet another inspiring meeting for the city residents. The final...
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a community of active people who are able to bring indifference to their lives and their environment. We are strengthening the intellectual potential of the nation, creating an open environment where everyone has equal access
to cultural values and self-realization.



residents of Zaporizhzhia and other regions to feel themselves as the Ukrainians who have national identity, statehood, heroic history, rich cultural traditions, outstanding literary, artistic, scientific achievements and one of the most melodious world languages. We have enough to enjoy and be proud of.


the stereotypes about industrial and post-industrial cities.
With the help of our activities we contribute to the development of creative economics, literature and publishing, promote aesthetic education, implement the art projects, encourage international cooperation and understanding.

About our partners and participants


In 2015 and 2016, Zaporizhzhia Book Toloka was supported by the US Agency for International Development (USAID), the German federal company GIZ, JSCB “Industrialbank”.

Among the program partners of the festival, in particular,
in previous years were the Consulate General of Germany in Donetsk (office in Dnipro), the Goethe Institute in Ukraine, Alliance Francaise Zaporizhzhia, Czech Centre in Kyiv.

The Old Lion Publishing House and Luta Sprava Publishing were our program partners, too. They contributed to the creative and literature platforms of the Festival in 2015 and 2016.

Within the Festival, more than 200 writers, illustrators, opinion leaders visited Zaporizhzhia. Among them were Liubko Deresh, Sashko Lirnyk, Antin Mukharsky, Larysa Denysenko, Vasyl Shkliar, Volodymyr Yermolenko, Marianna Kiyanovska, Iryna Slavinska, Mykola Honcharov, Oksana Zabuzhko, Vitaliy and Dmitro Kapranovy, Vakhtang Kebuladze Mykhailo Minakov, Andriy Bondar, Taras Liutiy, Galyna Vdovychenko, Oksana Dumanska, Olena Stepova, Oleksiy Chupa, Marianna Malina, Evheniia Senik, Victoria Amelina, Oleh Kotsarev and others..

Nearly 60 Ukrainian publishing houses were presented within
the Book Fair Exposition.

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«…Toloka was like an explosion, like a flash of a new star on the map of cultural events in Ukraine. And directly with its debut Toloka became one of the three top literary events of the country for its value and scale. That is the real decentralization of cultural life»

Oksana Zabuzhko

the writer

«…We brought a bunch of awards from Zaporizhzhia Book Toloka. We are glad not just to get the awards but much more to the fact that the new perspective and high-quality event appeared on the map of bookish Ukraine»

Maryana Savka

the Old Lion Publishing

«…Thanks to Zaporizhzhia Book Toloka Festival our city becomes an intellectual capital of Ukraine for three days. Currently, people visit Zaporizhzhia not only for books and events, but also for changes, in particular, social ones»

Mikhailo Bukreiev

Chairman of the Board, JSCB «Industrialbank»

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